Bart de Witte

Bart de Witte

Bart De Witte



"Bart’s presentation was remarkably thought-provoking"
“His insights combined with his humanistic view of the future of medicine were very eye opening”
“His keynote helped us to push our thinking in new areas for our business but also for society”

Re-Invent the Digital Economy

Bart de Witte is a leading and renowned expert on digital transformation in healthcare in Europe, but also one of the most progressive thought leaders in his field. He is the founder of the Berlin-based non-profit the HIPPO AI Foundation.

He constantly challenges the status quo and encourages us to rethink our digital economy to create a more equitable and sustainable world, where health inequities are a thing of the past.

He is an author and an advisor to several companies and startups specialising in digital health and gives regularly lectures at various business universities in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and China.


Founder / CEO

Bart de Witte is the founder is a charitable data trust for data altruism
that focusses on the development of
open sourced artificial intelligence
for the medicine


Hippogram is a weekly newsletter knowledge and insights to building more equitable and sustainable global digital health will benefit everyone. 

Award Winning

Bart’s first Open Source AI Project focusing on Breast Cancer, was awarded as one of the top 100 project solving problems related to the 17 United Nations SDG’s with the application of Artificial Intelligence

Accelerating Open Collaboration and Innovation to build a more equitable society

Bart works with organisations to help them to understand the value of being open

Corporate Speaking

Conference keynotes, focussing on the future of medicine and artificial intelligence.

Strategic Consultancy

Helping CxO’s to understand how open collaborations can lower R&D costs, accelerate innovation and increase trust

Open Innovation Workshops

Helping Teams to understand the business of open source developments, and guiding them towards this open future

Advisory Positions

Bart advises management boards in the healthcare sector on digital strategies and the impact of exponential technologies on their business

Keynote Speaker Subjects

Bart speaks on how we can create a more equitable society and a sustainable future for all of us, and we can shift from a scarcity towards and abundance mindset.  Together with his clients he explores on how to encourage a culture of inclusive innovation, inspire teams to collaborate and innovate, future technologies and news ways to look at the opportunty digital medicine.




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Fees vary dependant on the location, time commitment and the content required. Please contact us to find out more!

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